How to Get Ungated Products Unrestricted on Amazon

posted on 2020, 4, 14

If you run a business that sells on Amazon, chances are good that you have tried some sort of Amazon Restricted Categories service that makes it impossible for consumers to buy the products that you sell on Amazon. However, some of these restricted categories are not completely without reason.

In order to protect Amazon from scams and fraudsters, some of the items that they offer for sale on their website are determined to be "Restricted Categories." They can include both actual products that have been regulated by the government, as well as those products that are simply very obscure, and may not be popular enough to be considered a well-known item in the mainstream marketplace.

As with many of Amazon's offerings, many of these types of products may not be widely known, but that does not mean that the product cannot be a very popular product in the market. Many of these restricted categories offer Amazon Gated Products.

The Amazon Gated Products program makes it possible for people to find a specific item without being able to get to it directly on Amazon's website. These items are normally physical products like shirts, and other items that are designed for retail marketing purposes.

Amazon has traditionally had an exclusive agreement with most major apparel companies to offer a vast selection of clothing items for sale on their website. The Gated Products, or Restricted Categories, offer some level of convenience for consumers and are also popular with sellers who offer clothing products on Amazon.

But the problem is that Amazon is putting its logo on these items, which customers may not necessarily be aware of. This can have a negative impact on the credibility of the retailer, which is an important part of the reason why the Restricted Categories is defined as Restricted in the first place.

However, if you do find that a specific item is currently listed under Restricted Categories, then you may be able to look for ways to see how to get it to become Unrestricted on Amazon. You can try to contact the seller to ask if they would be willing to remove the listings, but if they refuse you may want to try another route.

You can actually use some of the Amazon servers to help you out in your efforts to find out how to get the goods listed under Restricted Categories to become Unrestricted on Amazon. But you should understand that this will only work if the seller does in fact offer items under Restricted Categories.

There are also some instances where Restricted Categories items are offered through third party sellers. The best way to go about finding these items is to find an online retail store and request to see what items are offered or find some other way to find them on the internet.

And just to reiterate, you can never find items that are listed under Restricted Categories listed in this manner. If you look for these items on eBay, Amazon, or through the search engines, you may not be able to find them.

After trying all of these methods, you may realize that the items that you are selling on Amazon are still being listed under Restricted Categories. If you have any questions about the status of these items, you can always turn to Amazon Support to ask.

Since there is no official method of getting items to become Unrestricted on Amazon, you will need to become more creative with how you try to get your item approved. The most successful method will vary based on your particular situation, but it is generally a matter of calling Amazon Support to get clarification.